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Excel And Access, LLC
This team provides professional paid help services for all of your Microsoft Excel and Access needs including Consulting, Programming , Training, Classes, Lessons, Webinars and Seminars.  Also, this team is comprised of experts in Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Power BI, SQL Server, Azure, and SharePoint.

Forum for Freelance Excel, Access, SQL, Consultants, Programmers, Developers
The Forum for Excel, Access, SQL, Consultants, Programmers and Developers as the name implies. This is an excellent resource for freelancers, owners, and experts.

The Excel & Access Experts LinkedIn Group
This is where many of the world’s Microsoft Excel & Access experts meet to share content, seek support and provide solutions for others.

VBA Express
The Microsoft application experts at VBA Express, Inc. provide professional programming services and training services to companies both large and small, government agencies and educational institutions.

Excel Hints
Need a hint or a quick tip, Excel Hints is a dedicated site with a helpful forum, informative blog posts, and instructional videos to work smarter.

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