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Affordable Pricing Plans Why Pay For Top Tier Service When You Have A Simple Need?

Why Pay For Top Tier Service When You Have A Simple Need?


If you have a simple project, one that takes someone solid in Excel, but not needing advanced skills, why pay for expert service when intermediate is all that you need, say with a Pivot Table or Excel functions, but not advanced VBA, you should pay LESS.


We offer several pricing plan options, find one right for your project, and get started today!

Discount Plan
For The Simple Things
Formulas, Charts, Graphs, etc.
Email Based Q&A Session
Free Estimate
Discount Rate
Junior Team Member
Fixed Bid Project
Monday Thru Friday
8 Hours or Less

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The Best of the Best, Microsoft Certified Partner & MVPs
Advanced VBA, Full Applications, Dashboards, Power BI
Full Project Discovery
Paid Deep Dive
Senior Team Members
Hourly Bid Project
Senior Project Manager
Available 7 Days a Week
Available Evenings

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    • Both Preferred and Premium plan estimate costs are applied towards total project costs.
    • For Premium plan, senior team members are available onsite as needed during project.

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