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Affordable Flat Rate Pricing Plans for Microsoft Excel Help Services


Get Affordable Microsoft Excel Help

Get Affordable Excel Help
Get Affordable Excel Help


Are you a busy Business Professional STUCK on an Excel Formula, a Pivot Table, a Dashboard, a Macro, or needing One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training



Super Affordable, Flat Rate, Microsoft Excel Help Services Start at Just $69!

Work with a Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, an Excel MVP


The “Original” Microsoft Excel Help Firm.

Providing Local, Onsite and Affordable Microsoft Excel Help Services to New York, Texas, California, Canada, & the UK.  





Our Fixed-Rate Pricing Plans for our Microsoft Excel Programming & Training Solutions are some of the most affordable rates available, work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, an Excel MVP:

    1. Excel formulas $69

    2. Basic Excel Pivot Tables $175

    3. Simple Excel Macros / VBA $129

    4. Excel Dashboards $139

    5. Excel Training $150



Get Affordable, Same-day Microsoft Excel Help






Our Small Project, Fixed-Rate Pricing Plans are extremely affordable and they are available on a daily basis; evenings, weekends and holidays included.

Call now to try our Industry Leading Same-Day Microsoft Excel Help Services 877-392-3539.




Work One-On-One with our Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts that are the leading Data Visualization Experts in our field of work.

All work performed locally in the USA, UK and Canada.





Why pay more when you need less?



We offer highly affordable fixed-rates where you work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP and/or Data Visualization Expert on Formulas, Pivot Tables, Macros, Dashboards, or one-on-one Microsoft Excel Training.



Formula $69
$69 for any complex Excel formula.
Formulas, Functions, UDF, etc.
Crunch Those Numbers Like an Excel MVP

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Macro $129
$129 for a simple Excel macro.
Simple Macro (VBA)
Integrate & Automate Your Work
(Push Button Simplicity)

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Training $150
$150 for an hour of Excel training.
One-on-one, remote, Microsoft Excel training.
Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP, Instructor
(The BEST way to learn Excel)

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Example of our one-on-one Microsoft Excel VLookup Training with a Microsoft Excel MVP out of New York.



Recent 5-Star Google Review from a new Microsoft Excel training client.




If you are a business professional and if you have an urgent time sensitive need  to Get Excel Help with a complicated Excel formula or function, or an advanced Excel Pivot Table, or a simple Microsoft Excel Macro (VBA), we can provide expert assistance, today, for a small flat rate.


If that is all you need, why wait for help when we can help you right away, and why pay a lot of money for a little help. We are here to help you with these super small needs as well as the super complicated ones, such as Excel Dashboards, Power BI, Integration and Automation. For same-day Microsoft Excel help, call, email, or chat today. Get Excel Help, get back to task.


If you rather need just an hour or less of one-on-one Microsoft Excel training (Remote), with a Microsoft Excel MVP, we have that at an affordable flat rate as well. Our Excel MVP’s can help you troubleshoot those complex formulas in a live online screen-share session, or hey can show you how to quickly create advanced Excel Pivot Tables, charts and graphs. If you have a more complicated need, say to edit a macro you wrote, we can help you there as well, all at a flat rate.




Have a medium to large size project and you need to get a fixed-bid quote?


Know the total cost of your project upfront



Have more complicated needs? Perhaps you need to consolidate a series of Excel workbooks, or perhaps you need a custom Excel dashboard, or a workbook to create your firms financial statements, even say advanced VBA/Macro help? If so, that is where we make our bread and butter, that is what we do, small, medium, large and extra large sized projects are what we do.



Would you like a fixed-bid quote for the work that you need to have done? We work on a fixed-bid basis so that you know the cost of the project upfront, before you agree to have the work done. In order to provide a fixed-bid quote, we first take the time to understand your needs. Once we know what needs to be done, we can provide a statement of work for the project, along with a quote for the work. Pretty simple, pretty quick, we start projects the same day the client reaches out. Why wait?


Our Data Visualization experts can help you with all three of these today, to get you back to the task at hand. Don’t waste another valuable hour, get Excel help right now, today, our industry leading same-day, seven days a week, Microsoft Excel programming solutions.







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