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Custom Presentations
Tailored Training Content:

Our training is developed specifically for your needs, we do not use template presentation materials.  We give you access to an on-line proficiency survey so we can gain a clear idea of your needs.  Given our experience training thousands, we’ve found customized training optimizes the experience, and lets you get back to work using newly acquired, relevant skills.  Additionally, we look at your work if possible to speak to specific Excel & Access challenges (respecting NDA issues as applicable), and perhaps to provide some solutions for you in the process.  It’s important to speak to your particular business to maximize the value of our training.  Your training Return on Investment is of paramount importance.


Expert Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is the proverbial standard spreadsheet application, and it has been in use for over 25 years.  It is one of the most powerful applications within the Microsoft Office suite of applications.  It is estimated to be used by over 500 million worldwide.  Whether you use Excel as an integral part of managing your business or for small-scale requirements such as employee scheduling or maintaining customer lists, our on-site training will prepare you to confidently use Excel and unlock its powerful capabilities.

In addition to the basic elements of Excel, you will learn ways to make your work more efficient and a multitude of well-researched internet links to provide even more resources online post training.  This is a step by step approach to training.  We will walk through how to set up Excel’s default settings to your preference, how to enter formulas and how to create your charts as well as a host of other invaluable tips and tricks.

We offer both 75-90 minute webinars as well as one to three-day on-site classes, depending on your exact needs and budget.  No matter how many days you choose, we guarantee your team will walk away confident in the new found skills acquired.  Your team will be quicker, more efficient and accomplish advanced work with fewer errors.  The most important benefit of using our training services is that it will save your team time resulting in significant cost savings long term.


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