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MS Excel Training


Affordable Microsoft Excel Training w/ Excel MVP





If no one had ever taught you to ride a bike, you wouldn’t expect to climb aboard one and pedal away smoothly. Similarly, you wouldn’t think you could cook a perfect Beef Wellington without a recipe, nor would you presume you could play the piano flawlessly without a single lesson. Many daily activities are simple enough, but they require some effort, practice, and learning. The same goes for Excel.

This tool is so ubiquitous that you might assume you already know how to use it. However, simply being able to type a few values into a few cells and make a table or two is nowhere near fully utilizing the power of this program. At Get Excel Help, our Excel experts have made it their mission to help all businesses implement the full power of this multifaceted software. Even if you use Excel every day in your office, you’re probably not even scratching the surface of what it can do. Furthermore, if our world-class consultants and professional programmers design even more advanced Excel solutions for your enterprise, you’ll need to learn how to leverage your newly customized program.

The most sophisticated, state-of-the-art software will get you nowhere if you don’t know how to run it to reach your goals, so we urge you not to skimp on training. Putting a little effort into learning the ins and outs of Excel will yield outstanding outcomes for your company, time and time again. Read on to learn more about our Excel training services.








What Excel Training Format is Right for your Organization?


Our Most Common Microsoft Excel Training Formats – Microsoft Excel MVP Instructors:


  1. Onsite One-On-One Excel Training with a Microsoft Excel MVP – BEST way to learn Microsoft Excel
  2. Remote One-On-One Excel Training with a Microsoft Excel MVP – Most Affordable one-on-one Microsoft Excel Training
  3. Remote Group Excel Training with a Microsoft Excel MVP
  4. Onsite Group Excel Training with a Microsoft Excel MVP
  5. Micro-Group Hands-On Excel Workshops, Onsite or remote. This is where they really learn Excel.
  6. Microsoft Excel Training Webinars w/ Excel MVP










Our Industry leading One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training with a Microsoft Excel MVP out of New York sessions are the most affordable way to learn Microsoft Excel.  The best way to learn Microsoft Excel.


Video Clip – One-On-One Excel VBA Training – Beginner.






Are you getting the most out of Excel, or are you manually doing the work


If you don’t truly know how to use a program like Excel, chances are, you’ve actually changed the way you work to suit the software. For instance, if you only know how to create a certain kind of table, you might have reworked your entire presentation plan just to fit your statistics into its format. Perhaps you only figured out how to add columns in one sheet from three years ago, so you use the same file over and over again, even though it doesn’t really suit your needs. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to automate your data entry and other more tedious processes, you’ll spend hours chained to your desk, keying in information when, in fact, the application could be performing this task for you.


Basically, if you’re doing anything the way “Excel wants you to” rather than the way that would legitimately work best for your workflow, you’re not in charge, the program is. You might assume that is the “only way to do it” or that you don’t have any choice in the matter, but this simply isn’t true. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our instructors can teach you how to handle Excel to put the digital reins back in your hands (or at your fingertips, as the case may be). Under their tutelage, you’ll learn how to operate Excel exactly as you’d like.


Learn to Integrate & Automate your Microsoft Excel files.  Let Excel do the work.  End the time consuming manual process.





The Benefits of Taking Microsoft Excel Training


There are many merits to getting professional instruction in Excel. By training in this essential program, you can:

  • Save the time (and therefore money) you would have otherwise wasted doing processes manually or performing them the wrong way in Excel. We’ve found that our clients that invest in training quickly make the cost back up, since a little instruction so drastically improves their productivity.
  • Avoid the frustration of dealing with an application you don’t actually know how to use. Once you know how Excel really works, you’ll likely never have to scream at your screen or bang your head against your keyboard again.
  • Reduce the number of errors in your data processing. Both by finding out how to automate your tasks and by understanding how to perform them correctly, you can seriously cut down on errors in your work.
  • Eliminate the need for an in-house Excel expert to hold your hand through every project. It’s a shame to use a fully-fledged IT professional’s skills just to help you perform relatively basic functions in this application. Once you’ve received your Excel education, you’ll largely be able to solve your own problems. At this point, you can make much better use of your IT team.
  • Produce more impressive work. With a greater understanding of everything Excel has to offer, you can make the most of this program’s features. For example, after training, you could produce stunning presentations, impressive reports, incisive analyses, and more.


These are just a few of the advantages Excel training offers.




Learn From the Microsoft Certified, Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts

Forget the Rest; Hire the BEST, Hire an Excel MVP.



Many tech professionals bill themselves as authorities in this field, but with Get Excel Help, you can feel confident you’re genuinely learning from the best of the best. Our instructors have years of exceptional experience. Several have even published books on Excel. Furthermore, some of our trainers are Microsoft MVPs, meaning they have been chosen by Microsoft itself as among the top one hundred or so professionals in this industry. Others are collegiate-level courseware developers and professional business application developers, many of whom have spent a great deal of time working for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. An intimate understanding of both business and Excel allows us to deliver superior training.


Our BEST Excel Experts have 35 Years Experience.  Excel was released in 1985.  Our BEST Experts are Microsoft Excel MVP’s.









Our competitor say that their “best experts” have as little as 2 years experience using Excel.

That is not even an intermediate level.


Why pay good money for less than a TRUE expert? Rather hire one certified by Microsoft, like us.










Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training is Very Affordable


In order to adapt to all sorts of businesses, we don’t charge on a per person basis, but rather by the day/hour. In fact, we encourage our clients to have as many employees as possible attend training in order to maximize training dollars. Our instructors are comfortable with one-on-one, mid-size, and large group settings either online or on-site. The Get Excel Help team is extremely flexible; we are here to help your team succeed.


We emphasize a hands-on approach to Excel training. We want our students to be fully engaged in Excel while they learn about the program. Rather than listening to a lecturer drone on about some feature of Excel, we want our students to instantly assimilate the data and apply it for themselves, practicing with this program until they know it well. During our lessons, we try out case studies in Excel, giving students practice problems to solve and teaching them how to perform each step. We’ve found that this approach is not only more interactive and engaging but also results in better long-term retention.




We have been here since 1994, we are not going anywhere.

We build long-term relationships with our clients





Our instructors don’t just teach you for a day or two and then leave you to your own devices. We strongly encourage our students to follow up with us after training. Whether it’s one day or six months after your training, we believe in continually making you stronger and more efficient. Our trainers will be there to answer your questions and help you hone your newfound skills. Get Excel Help often has past students contact us years after their initial training, and we are delighted to assist them. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients.



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