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Get Real-Time Same-Day Microsoft Excel Help


Get LIVE Real-Time Microsoft Excel Help

“I needed help on a Sunday afternoon and I could not wait until Monday. I looked and looked, but this was the only company that I found that actually responded live, in real-time, and within 15-minutes I was working live, one-on-one with one of their Senior Microsoft Excel MVP’s. Amazing, in less than an hour I had all I needed. What a great resource!”



Does Microsoft Excel have you stopped in your tracks?

  • Are you stuck, do you need expert Microsoft Excel help right now, today?
    • Cannot wait for help, we get that, hence this page.  We are here to assist you today.
    • Have a urgent need but for tomorrow or the next day, not today, we can assist you then.
  • Do you need one-on-one assistance for just a handful of hours, or even less?
  • Do you need to screen-share your Excel challenge?
  • Do you need to have a Microsoft Excel expert figure this out for you and quickly?
  • If you answered yes to any of these, we can assist you with our real-time help option.
  • Work one-on-one with a leading Microsoft Excel MVP
    • Microsoft Excel Data Visualization Experts and Dashboard Programmers.
    • The Smarter Microsoft Solutions begin with expertise of our Microsoft MVP’s and Microsoft Certified Partner.

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Get Microsoft Help offers live toll-free help, by the hour using the online meeting application, GoToMeeting. This is real-time, one-on-one, same-day Microsoft Excel help. Get a Smarter Microsoft SolutionYou cannot find better Excel help than working live one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP and Data Visualization Expert.

Work with our team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s.


Get Real-time Microsoft Excel help today


We are ready to help, right now. 646-205-3261 Mention Code GEH.


Same day real-time help comes at a high premium at the one or two of our competitors that even offer some form of same day service, same-day real-time help. according to the websites of other firms in the Excel space, most of our competitors make you wait 24-hours or more just for a reply, and they do not offer real-time Microsoft Excel support services. Those few that do offer true same-day real-time help charge a hefty premium for the expedited service.


By the time they respond to your original communication we will have the work completed.  You choose, you can wait for them or you can work with us.  We are here to assist you.


But don’t worry, by working smarter you can get just exactly the help you need, exactly at the moment you need it, at a more competitive cost by working with our team of Smarter Microsoft Solution experts.


For your tight deadlines, our top-notch team of Microsoft Excel Data Visualization Experts has the skills you seek today

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and we employ Microsoft Excel MVPs


Why should you waste valuable time waiting 24-hours or more just to receive the initial response from the Excel consulting firm you contacted when you had an Excel emergency.  Why wait when you can work with us right now.  We can start your project the same day you contact us, and if it is a small Excel programming project, we can very possibly complete your work the same day as well.

Like the majority of our clients, once you work with our exceptional team of international Microsoft Excel, Access, & Power BI Data Visualization Experts, you will come back to us for help again and again.


Call, Chat or Email and we will assist you with your urgent Microsoft Excel help needs


  1. Get real-time one-on-one live online assistance by the hour.
  2. Start a small project today, finish the project today.
  3. Start a medium project today, finish it in one or more business days.
  4. Start a large project today, finish it quickly.


Get Same Day Microsoft Excel Help Services Today!


We work when you work; we are here to assist you right when you need help:

  1. Normal Business Hours M-F
  2. Evenings
  3. Weekends
  4. Holidays as needed



What are some of the more common Microsoft Excel help requests that come in:

  1. Live one-on-one online Microsoft Excel help with screen share
  2. Custom Microsoft Excel Macros/VBA/Visual Basic for Applications
  3. Advanced Functions/Formulas/UDF
    1. Functions and Formulas written in VBA
  4. Microsoft Excel Data Visualization Techniques
    1. Charts, Graphs, Tables, Reports, Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Power BI Dashboards
  5. Same Day Microsoft Excel Help – Start your small project today, possibly complete it today


If this is what you need help with, give us a call.

Our experts are unparalleled setting the benchmark in quality and talent, and even Microsoft is one of our clients.  Our team is passionate about our work and our clients.  Our Help Line provides two toll-free numbers to reach us.  Whether you need help with a single Microsoft Excel formula or need an estimate for a long-term Microsoft Excel project, contact the experts at Get Excel Help today.



Get Excel Help’s Same Day Project Turnaround Services


We are Excel experts for business


Recent Real-Time Microsoft Excel Help:

It was mid day on a Sunday afternoon.  The Get Excel Help Chat notified us that there was an Excel user in dire distress.



In New York? Work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP and Microsoft Excel application developer

In Texas? Work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP and Microsoft Excel application developer

In California? Work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP and Microsoft Excel application developer


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