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Our Team of Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s

About Our Team of Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s

Jacob, our Senior Microsoft Excel MVP
Jacob, our Senior Microsoft Excel MVP

Our team of legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition.  Some of the other things that set us apart from the rest are that our group of companies first opened our Microsoft Consultancy in Irvine California some 25-years ago, in 1994.  Our focus has been to help the business sector, government sector, college sector, non-profits sector, as well as individuals with their Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI programming and training needs. Since then we have worked on over 7,000 Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI projects from Irvine and New York to Canada and the UK.  That is a lot of work over a lot of years; that is about as much experience as one can possibly get.  Our legendary team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s led the way, working with many of our best known international clients, such as Microsoft, the US Navy, the YMCA, & Harvard for example.

Over those past 25 years, many of our projects have been centered around working locally, one-on-one with one of our Microsoft Certified, legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s, the top 1% of Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.

Locally here in the states, from New York to Texas to California, and with many spots in between, then on to Canada and the UK, our local Microsoft Excel MVP’s have worked with our local clients, face-to-face. For those that are not in the major Microsoft consultancy markets, we work one-on-one using a screen share session, so we can work one-on-one, remotely. We can often record the online session, providing you with a complementary copy to support your work with us.

Onsite, locally, or remotely, we are accomplish the same things in Microsoft Excel, we are just not sitting side-by-side in your office.  Many of our clients prefer working remotely as it is more convenient, and at times comes at a discount to onsite rates.

A better product: Our clients have benefited from working with around a dozen of the legendary Microsoft MVP’s over the years, just one way we provide a Smarter Microsoft Solution.



Microsoft Excel MVP’s are the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts – Certified by Microsoft




Why does that matter? What is a Microsoft Excel MVP? Good questions, but to answer in short, Microsoft Excel MVP’s are the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts, Microsoft Certifies and Awards Excel MVP’s on an annual basis, usually about 130 in the world. When it comes to advanced data visualization in Excel, look no further than a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP, such as Jacob, you just found the best of the best.


  • Our Clients in New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Canada and the UK have worked Face-To-Face with some amazing  Excel MVP talent over the years (Some of the best Excel MVP’s are):
    • Jacob – Integration and Automation Master.
      • Owner of VBAX, the free Microsoft Excel help forum.
    • Smitty – Now works at Microsoft on the Excel Team.  Wow, cannot get much better than that!
    • Kevin – Kevin is one of the smartest persons that I know that work in Excel, just look at where he went to school to get a feel for his brilliance.
    • David – One of the first and definitely one of the legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s.
      • David is not just an amazing Excel or Power BI programmer, he is also am amazing One-On-One Microsoft Excel trainer.




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Work One-On-One with a Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP

Work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP, advanced data validation expert
Jacob, our Senior Microsoft Excel MVP

When it comes to being an expert in Microsoft Excel, Jacob (Microsoft Excel MVP) can tell you that you must master the Custom Data Visualization tools and methods available in Microsoft Excel. Being able to build advanced Dashboards, Pivot Tables, Charts and Graphs, reports and analysis, etc., you must be a true Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, and the 130 or so Microsoft Excel MVP’s annually certified by Microsoft fit that bill.

One of the most important aspects of hiring a Microsoft Excel consultant, programmer or trainer is this, how deep and thorough is their knowledge.  Do they practice best practices, do they build a truly advanced system? The leading Microsoft Excel MVP’s have the decades of daily programming experience needed to be the Microsoft Excel subject matter experts.

  • Our Excel MVP’s can work with you locally, one-on-one if you are in New York, Texas, California.
  • Else we can work one-on-one remotely using a screen share application.
  • Same-Day Services.
  • Real-Time Help available.
  • We work daily, evenings, weekends and holidays.




Microsoft Excel MVP’s such as Jacob, David, Jon & Smitty are the Leading Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts


Microsoft Excel MVP's such as Jacob, David, Jon & Smitty are the Leading Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts
Microsoft Excel MVP’s such as Jacob, David, Bob & Smitty are a few of the Leading Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.


From Left -to-right by row in reverse ragged row order:  Ingeborg Hawighorst, Brad Yundt, Heidi Enho. Charles Williams, Jacob Hildebrand, Boriana Petrova, Mynda Treacy. Jon Acampora, Zack Barresse,  Bob Umlas. Ken Puls, Jon Peltier, Frederic Le Guin, Roger Govier.
Henk Vlootman, Jan Karel Pieterse, Bill Manville, Kevin Jones.




We Are The Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts – Work With Us Today

Work with Maria at Get Excel Help
Maria at Get Excel Help

Millions of people “know Excel”, many people are pretty good with it, some are advanced, yet so few are what Microsoft would certify as an Excel Subject Matter Experts or Data Visualization Experts. Microsoft Certifies roughly around 130 in the world at any one time.  You must be renewed each year or you lose the award, which happens annually. These are the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts and they are the top 1% of all Microsoft Excel Experts.

In Microsoft Excel just as with most things, the 80/20 rule applies.  20% of the people using Excel are advanced or better; 80% of Excel users are just that, “users” and not expert level programmers or trainers.  The fact is that the majority of people use Excel poorly at best.  But that is fine as they are not working as Excel experts, or at least we hope not.  But what if you want to work with the top 5% of Excel experts?  Well that is where the Microsoft Certification as a Microsoft Excel MVP comes into play, Microsoft has vetted these 130 or so Excel experts to be the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.

So if Microsoft certifies these people as the Excel subject matter experts, why would you work with anyone else? Does it really matter how deep or accurate their knowledge of Excel is?  YES.  There are countless ways to do things in Microsoft Excel.  There are more wrong ways to do things than there are right ways.  Best practices definitely applies if you want an efficient, powerful, integrated and automated system.




Work With The Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts at Get Excel Help 877-392-3539




We Are The Most Experienced Microsoft Excel Data Visualization Experts

Since 1994 our family of companies has been the leading local Excel services provider in New York, Texas and California. What have we done for the past 25+ years, we have taken advanced Excel data visualization to new levels with our team of Microsoft Certified Excel Subject Matter Experts, the Microsoft Excel MVP’s, past and present. While there are millions of Excel users, there are not so many true Microsoft Excel experts with 25 years or more of daily Excel programming experience.


It just takes so long to get to that point, but we are here to say we are one of the original Excel and Access solutions providers in the USA, Canada and the UK. Be it BIG data or HUGE Data, when it comes to data, we are the data visualization experts. We have been for the past 26 years.






Work with the Best of the Best at Get Excel Help – The Microsoft Certified Excel Experts, for 25 Years and Counting !!!








Why does Microsoft Certification Matter – Why do Results Matter???


It matters because of this, anyone can call themselves an expert, even if they have never opened Microsoft Excel. Don’t hire the wrong freelancer,  hire the right firm, a longstanding company that backs their work. Work with our team of Excel experts that are available to meet with you onsite, face-to-face, to discuss your needs with you if so desired.

Let Microsoft vet the millions of Excel users across the globe, and let them pick the top 130 or so Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts, annually, who they will bestow their award.  That is it, really, 130 or so Microsoft Excel MVP’s in any given year. Truly the Top 1% of Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts; the Best of the Best.

Now try to go out and find an Excel MVP that provides Excel programming or training services to the world market, that is not just an Excel expert but is also a business expert.  Easier said than done. Does this particular Excel MVP have decades of experience building custom Excel spreadsheets for a wide range of clients, day in, day out?  Does he have the chops so to speak?  Next, see if they will come onsite to work one-on-one with you, if they are guaranteeing their work, and if they bill at a fair and affordable rate.  That is what we have done, we have a team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s working here, with us, with you. Work with the best in Excel, the real Microsoft Excel data visualization experts.    Read their books, take their training, work one-on-one with them.  Not a bad way to go, providing 5-Stars is our game (a better product).


Get the best results for your money, hire the right Excel Consultancy – 5 Google Stars Matter



This is not certification one applies for, but rather if you want to become an Excel MVP, have several Excel MVP’s nominate you.  Then allow Microsoft to look into your Excel community activities.  Blogs, Forums, videos, etc., are the sort of things Microsoft is looking for.  Hence our ownership of VBAX.   One of the top Microsoft help forums.

And our clients reward us for our efforts with 5-Star Google Reviews, new projects, referrals and testimonials.  The more the reviews, the higher the stars, along with the number of projects and years in service, tell the tale of the quality of the company you are considering hiring. Forget the rest, hire the best, hire the 5-Star Rated Get Excel Help experts.



Microsoft Certified Partner and MVP
Microsoft Certified Partner and MVP





Why Work with a Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP, A Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert


Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Experts, Microsoft Excel MVP
Microsoft Excel MVP

There are hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Excel programmers, consultants and trainers you can work with.  Some are the best of the best and many are sub-par. It really comes down to how good they became over the course of a few decades working in Excel.

So how do you find the right one, how do you find a truly qualified one, one that does what you need to have done at a fair and affordable rate?  Simple, work with us and our team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s. Good question, and there are a good number that qualify as legendary, maybe 30 in the world.






When it comes to training in Microsoft Excel, working with an Excel MVP, One-On-One, Face-To-Face is the best way to learn Excel.


There is no better way to learn Microsoft Excel than to work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP, period. Why do we say that?  Well there are around 130 Excel MVP’s in any given year, 130 out of billions of people, the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.





Work with a Local Microsoft Excel MVPTake Excel Training to new Levels, Face-To-Face Excel Training

Local matters, yet remote is the most common.  But with us you can work one-on-one with a local Microsoft Excel MVP in certain locations.

Sit face-to-face, look at your needs and let’s teach you what you need to know.




The Best Way to Learn Microsoft Excel – One-On-One Excel Training with a Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP




Here are just a few of our best known clients that have worked with one or more of our Microsoft Excel MVP’s. But no matter the size of your organization or your project, you too can work one-on-one with one of our Microsoft Excel subject matter experts and Microsoft Excel MVP. The better solution.

  1. Business Sector:
    1. Microsoft
    2. LinkedIn
    3. PepsiCo
    4. Red Bull
    5. Etc.
  2. College Sector:
    1. Harvard
    2. UCI
    3. ASU
    4. UCSD
    5. etc.
  3. US Armed Forces:
    1. Army
    2. Navy
    3. Department of Veteran Affairs,
    4. etc.
  4. Government Sector:
    1. YMCA
    2. Social Security Administration
    3. OCTA
    4. Department of Motor Vehicles
    5. NYPD / SDPD
  5. Non-Profit Sector.
  6. Friendly Competitors
  7. Individuals
  8. etc.






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Contact us to Get Excel Help today

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