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Microsoft Excel Consulting



Affordable Microsoft Excel Consulting Services for Business



Since 1994 we have offered our professional Microsoft Programming, Consulting, and Training Services. Much of that work involves programming in Microsoft Excel for a wide variety of clients from the major market sectors.


Not sure if you know this, but Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet application on the market, and it is the one most used by businesses. It makes sense then to hire the best Excel programmer you can for the money.


You probably know that Excel could be doing exponentially more for your company. This software is a treasure trove of advanced features, customizable systems, and automation options. However, these astonishing benefits do you no good if you don’t know how to access them.


That’s where the Get Excel Help team comes in. Our team of Excel experts is here to help you sort out what you want Excel to do for your business and how you can make your digital dreams a reality. If you’re sick of being stuck in simple spreadsheets when you know you could be streamlining your workflows and booming your business with the power of Excel, our consulting services might be right for you. Read on to learn more about what we do.





We Accommodate Your Schedules; We Work When You Work

We Work Daily, Evenings and Holidays Included


Get Excel Help understands just how busy you are and how much it takes just to keep up with the fast-paced world of modern business. Our consultants tailor their schedules to suit yours, ensuring that you can continue running your operation while we help you optimize it with the power of Excel. With rapid turnaround, we frequently cater to clients who have tight deadlines and need an outstanding Excel solution yesterday. We go the extra mile to make ourselves available 24/7 for your needs.





We Fix Your Excel Issues or Broken Excel files

We Can Fix and Improve Those Excel Files for You


If you’ve tried tinkering with Excel yourself, you may have run into a few bugs or snags. The wrong workbook calculation can slow down your spreadsheets and force you to constantly key in new values manually. Contrary to what you might believe after years of dealing with glitches, Excel doesn’t have to exasperate you. Our consultants can review your existing setup and explain how to smooth out any rough patches so your software runs seamlessly.






We Give You Peace of Mind


Especially in today’s marketplace, your data is worth its weight in gold. A single Excel misstep could set you back both weeks of work and thousands of dollars. This is a frightening prospect, but fortunately, with our consulting team on your side, you don’t have to worry about it. Our Excel whizzes will ensure you feel confident in your software and, should any issue arise, we’ll be there right away to help sort it out. If you encounter an Excel emergency, you can rest assured that our consultants are just a click or call away.

It is important to stand behind your words, and your work.  And that is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee as well as a life-time bug guarantee.





We Exceed Your Expectations 5-Stars at a Time

How do you KNOW how GOOD a Company is; Hundreds of Reviews from Known Businesses, Colleges and Government Entities.


If you’ve spent any time using Excel, you’ve probably thought to yourself, it would be so great if only I could get it to… or why can’t it just… You may have thought your ideas were impossible, but that may not be so. Collaborating with a consultant from Get Excel Help, you may be able to finally see Excel do what you’d always wished it would. Our advisers will go over your needs and preferences with you, then determine how we can best fulfill these.

If they are any good they should have hundreds of reviews on LinkedIn, Google Business, FaceBook, and their website, but not from small unknown businesses, but BIG business, the college sector, the government sector and the non-profit sector, HUNDREDS. Don’t get me wrong, small or unknown companies are great clients, we have thousands of them, and they are the back-bone of our business, but when it comes to reviews, big known names are better, so if Microsoft writes us a testimonial, it means a lot, given they wrote the software we work in.  Microsoft loves our work.  So will you.






We Have the Niche Microsoft Excel Masters You Need

Work with our Microsoft Excel MVP Team, Certified by Microsoft


If you’re more experienced with Excel, but still running into problems with the software, you might think that the right consultant to address your specific concerns simply doesn’t exist. After all, many tech “experts” just offer the same cookie-cutter advice to every client. At Get Excel Help, we employ a diverse team of the best Excel advisers out there. Some of our consultants are even Microsoft MVPs. Microsoft bestows this esteemed title on only a hundred or so Excel masters every year, based on their skill with the software and devotion to making Excel better for everyone. While other firms may have technical professionals, our consultants are internationally known for their abilities and extremely versatile.

No matter how narrow your niche or how particular your problem is, we can assist you. Our varied pool of Excel pros is primed and ready to take on your case. The Get Excel Help team represents an array of experts across the fields of accounting, finance, engineering, and more. With in-depth industry expertise, we’re confident we can handle any Excel conundrum that comes our way. Having served many companies like yours, our specialists also understand the high caliber and quality of solutions you require to succeed.








We Work with Your Budget (Simple needs to massive projects)


We understand just how essential Excel is to running a business in this day and age, so we’ve worked hard to make our extraordinary services accessible to all. As such, in addition to our standard services, we also offer discounted services for small and simple Excel needs.  Why, because if you need less you should pay less.

In addition to providing all levels of Excel programming, we also offer what we consider to be super affordable flat rate pricing for simple Excel needs, for small Excel needs.







We Deliver 5-Star Results; Just Look on Google


Get Excel Help’s consultants are far more than just talk. We’ve worked with renowned businesses such as LinkedIn, Amazon, and Redbull, as well as governmental organizations, like the NYPD and the United States Social Security Administration. What’s more, enthusiastic testimonials from these top-tier clients demonstrate our ability to deliver. For example, LinkedIn called us “flexible, nimble, and able to meet…very high standards, requirements, and tight deadlines.”








We Will Make an Excel Expert Out of You

With our One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training with a Micros ft Excel MVP


Our consultants don’t just fix up your software and call it a day, leaving you to wonder how they did their Microsoft magic. We want our clients to be able to optimize Excel for themselves and truly comprehend how it works. We will show you what we did to improve your software and teach you how to do it yourself. This way, you can show off your project, take pride in what we’ve accomplished together, and solve your own Excel issues in the future.

Jacob or David can take your Excel skills to the next level with our one-on-one face-to-face Microsoft Excel Training. Learn from the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter and Data Visualization Experts.






Our One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training Video Clip (10-Minutes)

The BEST Way to Learn Microsoft Excel, with an Excel MVP


Here is a sample recording of a recent One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training Sessions with a Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP, based out of New York. Here is 10 minutes pulled from that intro to Excel VBA macro training:


10 Minutes on Recording an Excel Macro for an Excel VBA Programming Beginner








Need Help With a Project?

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