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One-On-One Microsoft Excel Macro Training, with a Microsoft Excel MVP

Record & Edit Macros Like an Excel MVP

Microsoft Excel MVP's are the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts
Microsoft Excel MVP’s are the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.

So you need to learn Microsoft VBA / Macro Programming?  There are many ways to go about learning macro programming.  One of the easiest is to work one-on-one, face-to-face with a Microsoft Excel MVP slash Excel VBA/Macro Trainer.  It is actually the BEST way to learn Microsoft Excel.  So why do we suggest starting with the Macro Recorder?

♦  The easiest way to learn to program Microsoft Excel VBA (Macro Programming) is to start by first learning to record, and then edit your macros.  The Macro Recorder will allow you to record and to run simple macros.  It will write the code for you.  But the code is not optimal, and that is where the learning comes in; you learn to take poorly written code, and you write it correctly.  An amazing way to learn.  And because it is a great way to get started.  VBA programming is an effort and you need to start somewhere.  Remember, VBA taught thru baby steps. You must start somewhere and this is the best place to start, learning Microsoft Excel VBA/Macro Programming, one-on-one, face-to-face with an Excel MVP.  What are you waiting for?

♦  The recorded macro will work, even if the code is not optimally written.  As such, you can learn to re-write the poorly recorded code, line by line.  As you do that, you will be learning how to program in Microsoft Excel VBA.  One line of code at a time, as time allows.  Remember, the recorded macro will work, so you can take your time to learn it and to revise it.  When you finish the code it will perform much better than the recorded code.



♦  But wait, why would you want to record an Excel Macro versus just type it? Well, because you have not yet learned how to program Excel Macros, and this is a great way to start. How can you type in the code if you do not know the code?  Hence, the Macro Recorder will show you the code to use to do what you would like to have done.

♦  Think of using the Macro Recorder as you would think about using the Excel Charts Wizard.  In Excel you can create a chart manually or you can use the Excel Charts and Graphs Wizard, to “create” your charts and graphs. Of course they will not be 100% as you would like them to be, but the Wizard  will quickly create attractive charts for you. So we recommend that you use the wizard to quickly build the chart, and then edit the parts of the chart that you want to change.  Easier and quicker than starting from scratch.  Use the Wizard, use the Recorder.

♦  Same approach to writing your first macros, use the Macro Recorder and begin the journey of becoming as good in Excel VBA as a Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, an Excel MVP.



Our Beginner Microsoft Excel VBA Training Course is conducted one-on-one, face-to-face. There is no better way to learn Microsoft Excel VBA programming.
Our Beginner Microsoft Excel VBA Training Course is conducted one-on-one, face-to-face. There is no better way to learn Microsoft Excel VBA programming.



This is Face-To-Face, One-On-One, Microsoft Excel MVP Led, Microsoft Excel Macro Training

Simply the BEST Way to Learn Microsoft Excel VBA



Your Situation and Your Needs.  Say for example that you need to learn Excel VBA for your work:
So you use Microsoft Excel as part of your daily duties at work, say for example, you are the Senior Director of Finance and that you report directly to the Senior VP of Finance.  For this example, let’s say that your employer asked you to learn Microsoft Excel VBA so that you can take on new, high -level responsibilities at work. Which may lead to a promotion.

♦  You have been asked to focus on automating and/or integrating portions of your time demanding work flow in the finance department.  Basically you need to master Microsoft Excel VBA and currently you have no idea of how any of this works.  So where do you get started?  Simple, Microsoft created the Macro Recorder for situations just like this.  You can record some of your simpler automation efforts in Excel by using the Excel Macro Recorder.

♦  You can see how the code might look, but knowing that it is not ideal.  So you start with the Macro Recorder, and then you edit the VBA that was recorded for you.  You can open then that code, and re-write it to work optimally, learning Excel VBA along the way.



Write VBA Like a Microsoft Excel MVP – Microsoft Excel MVP Led Microsoft Excel VBA / Macro Training

Record & Edit Macros to LEARN Microsoft Excel VBA (Macros)




See a video recorded during the training, below.

Sample Video:

10-Minutes on Recording and Editing an Excel Macro, working one-on-one with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP, out of New York:

♦ We pulled ten minutes of a recorded one-on-one Excel training session, covering how and why to first record, then edit a macro, in order to learn VBA.  The recording is raw and unedited, it is just an example of what face-to-face Excel training can go.


♦  If you are going to hire 1 trainer to help you, why not hire the BEST Trainer for the money?  Why pay more, for less?  You are hiring the Excel trainer to train you, so make sure that trainer is a Microsoft Certified Excel Subject Matter Expert.



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We also offer a computer based, self study Excel VBA Course


Live One-On-One Microsoft Excel VBA Training is not what you want? No Worries.

You prefer to learn on your own time; we also offer software based training.


Computer based training alternative to one-on-one face-to-face training.
Computer based training alternative to one-on-one face-to-face training.


The Excel Academy by VBAExpress.Com provides Software Based Microsoft Excel VBA Training, Excel MVP Developed.

Microsoft Excel MVP and Microsoft Excel VBA Expert Jacob offers a 10-course, Microsoft Excel VBA Training program to teach you Excel VBA











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