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Get Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing for simple Microsoft Excel help needs



Do you need Same-Day Microsoft Excel help?


Are you a busy business professional, executive or business owner STUCK on a simple Excel problem? Want to get UNSTUCK.  Do you want to Get Excel Help to get UNSTUCK, today, to get back on with your day? Or do you want to be an Excel programmer? You do what you do, we do what we do, and we do it today, at a very affordable flat-rate. What could be more simple?

Do you just need a little help, on a very specific task, say an advanced Excel Function, or a Pivot Table? But you want to make sure to work with a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, a top Microsoft Excel Data Visualization Expert, not an amateur. If so, our flat rate pricing plans fit the bill, super affordable, for same day help, working one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP. What else could you ask for from a Microsoft Certified Partner.



Are you a busy business professional, executive or small business owner STUCK on a simple Excel problem?



We offer Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing for Simple Microsoft Excel Programming needs. Get the help you need at a price you can afford:

  1. Excel Formulas, Functions, UDF’s: Crunch those numbers with calculations written at the level of a Microsoft Excel MVP, at the Subject Matter Expert level.
    1. Work one-on-one, face-to-face on your Microsoft Excel Help needs.  Get the Excel Help you need at a price you can afford.
  2. Excel Pivot Tables: Learn how to create Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables at the expert level.
  3. Excel Charts & Graphs: Quickly create dynamic and interactive Excel charts and graphs.
  4. Excel Dashboards: Excel dashboards take Microsoft Excel to new advanced levels, master this powerhouse.
  5. Excel Macros: Macros, VBA, Programming, Integration, automation take your Microsoft Excel applications to new levels.
  6. Excel and Power BI Dashboards: Microsoft Excel Power BI is the biggest game changer by Microsoft in years.
  7. Excel Training, One-On-One w/ MVP: The best way to learn Microsoft Excel is to work one-on-one, face-to-face with a Microsoft Excel MVP.






Super Affordable, Flat Rate, Expert Microsoft Excel Help Services Start at Just $69!




If you are stuck on a formula, chart, pivot table, etc., and if that is all that you need help with, just getting that to work for you, then why should you pay for more help than you need?  Why not get an affordable rate to solve your small Excel issue. That is what this site offers, affordable same-day Microsoft Excel help.  Work with a Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert, an Excel MVP, certified by Microsoft as one of the top Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts, at an amazingly low flat-rate.



Why pay more when you need less?




Get Excel Help offers low flat rates for smaller Excel needs.




Our Fixed-Rate Pricing Plans for super small Microsoft Excel Programming & Training Solutions are some of the most affordable flat-rates available:

    1. Excel Formulas $69
    2. Excel Charts & Graphs $79
    3. Excel Pivot Tables $99
    4. Excel Macros / VBA $129
    5. Excel Dashboards $139
    6. One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training $150





Don’t make the mistake of hiring a discount programmer with just 2-3 years Excel experience. They usually do not give a refund when your project fails.







Contact the Excel experts at Get Excel Help today




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