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    • Do you need a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your exact Microsoft help needs and to learn the cost of that work?
      • Is your organization interested in expanding your company’s use of Microsoft Excel, but aren’t quite sure where to begin?
      • Is the process of hiring a Microsoft Excel Consultant or Trainer new for you?  
      • Want to work with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP, Data Visualization Expert and Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts?
      • What do we charge for our help services?
      • Have you already researched numerous Microsoft Excel consultancies but don’t know who to hire?
        • How important is how long have they been in business, how many clients they have worked with, how many projects over the years?
        • Do you want to understand how we may help you before you decide if you want to have the work done?
        • Do you want to know what your project might cost upfront?
          • Our free consultations answer all of this for you, and there is no cost nor obligation.  Simply speak with us, live, to see exactly how we can help you, and learn the cost of said help.  Simple.


    • Get Excel Help understands that taking the plunge with Excel experts can be daunting. We offer a free consultation to help you get oriented and determine if our services are right for you. This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about our offerings, share your concerns, and get a feel for what it’s like to collaborate with our advanced team.



    More about our Free Consultations:

    Who Should Schedule a Free Consultation?

    Wondering if a free consultation is the right choice for you? You should contact us now to book an appointment if you:

    • Enjoy getting advanced advice on your Excel programs at no charge. We’re so passionate about this program and educating business owners about its benefits that we’re always delighted to offer our guidance, even if you don’t pursue other services with our team.
    • Aren’t sure you need Excel assistance. Our team can help you decide if this type of consulting, programming, and training is the right choice for your company.
    • Feel fairly certain you’d like to use our services. If so, wonderful! We’ll use this appointment as a kick-off for your exciting Excel projects.

    As the above categories indicate, any business owner who has even momentarily considered upgrading his or her Excel functionality is an excellent candidate for a free consultation.


    What Happens During This Appointment?


    During this initial meeting, we typically:

    • Introduce ourselves. Our consultants, programmers, and trainers are some of the top Excel masters in the industry. In fact, several are Microsoft MVPs (one of the highest honors an IT professional can earn from the company). Our team members will explain their backgrounds and how they’re suited to your particular company.
    • Review how your business is currently using Excel. We’ll find out how often you use it, what you want to achieve with it, and whether or not you’re accessing its more advanced attributes.
    • Formulate a plan to improve your Excel functionality. This may involve consulting with you, having our programmers customize your software’s code, training your team on this application, or some combination thereof.
    • Answer any questions and respond to any concerns you have about your Excel program and the process of working with Get Excel Help.

    While there may be slight differences from the above in your appointment (since we personalize it to each client), this is generally how our free consultations go.


    How to Prepare for Your Free Consultation

    We want your free consultation to be maximally valuable to you. Once you’ve made your appointment, you can prepare for your meeting by:

    • Considering how you and your employees use Excel in your day-to-day operations.
    • Interviewing your colleagues and associates about how they’d like to better use Excel (this is important especially for those who won’t participate in the free consultation, so that we can also address their interests and concerns).
    • Noting the functionality, you’d like Excel to have in your office.
    • Jotting down any questions you have for our team.

    The above steps are by no means necessary, but we’ve found they can make free consultations more efficient and successful for all involved.


    Are You Ready to Get Started with Get Excel Help?

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by meeting with our team and finding out what we can do for your business! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation today!



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