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Excel Programming Solutions


Our Most Affordable Microsoft Excel Programming & Training Solutions for Business, Government, Education, Non-Profits and Individuals




Microsoft Excel is the desktop productivity tool for Business. Simple to use, Excel is how business gets done.


While Microsoft offers a comprehensive Office Suite of outstanding applications (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), Excel is perhaps the most versatile and most used of them all. What may seem like a simple spreadsheet to the untrained eye is actually replete with remarkable technological potential. Excel is remarkable powerful, and it is how business gets done.

In its intuitive yet intricate code, Excel contains all the components needed to support virtually any business need. Microsoft Excel can enhance productivity, streamline corporate workflows, author customized reports, and much more. In a nutshell, Microsoft Excel is how business gets done.

At Get Excel Help, our programmers, trainers, and consultants are well-versed in everything this oft-underestimated application can do. As veritable Excel experts, they’re here to help you devise, design, and deploy all sorts of Excel solutions. Below are just a few of our offerings.






All of our Excel Programming Solutions are 100% Custom to Your Exact Needs


  • Microsoft Excel KPI Reporting and Analysis Spreadsheets for Senior Management :

    • Excel Dashboards. Advanced Data Visualization techniques are all the rage these days.  A top that list are Microsoft Excel Dashboards.  These interactive data displays put all the information you and your employees need at your fingertips for faster, easier operations. Dashboards make KPI data sing, so anyone can understand the reports.
    • Power BI Dashboards. Power BI takes dashboards to new levels, a truly remarkable relational database by Microsoft. BIG Data screams Power BI.
    • Excel Executive Summaries. Department heads, managers, and other executives can access all the data they need to lead with this solution.
    • Excel Scorecards. Track employees’, projects’, and even your entire company’s progress with these innovative tables.
    • Excel Pivot Tables. Make sense of massive data sets with Excels’ powerful Pivot Tables, which distill essential information so it can be easily viewed.
    • Excel Pivot Charts.


  • Microsoft Excel Integration and/or Automation, via VBA/Macros:

    • Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Programming. Our team can dig into Excel’s VBA code to make crucial adjustments that suit your unique business.
    • Excel Macro Programming. Macros automate your most tedious tasks so you can fly through your workday without getting mired down in monotony.
    • Excel Integration and Automation Programming. The Get Excel Help team can ensure that Excel dovetails beautifully with your other software as you automate your operations.


  • Microsoft Excel Workbooks for Presentation, Reporting and Analysis:

    • Excel Statements of Cash FlowMake accounting simpler with automatically generated, cleanly formatted, impeccably accurate cash flow reports from Excel.
    • Excel Profit and Loss (P&L) Income StatementsRather than breaking out the calculator or poring over spreadsheets, we can help you set Excel up to automatically produce the P&L Income Statements you rely on to determine the state of your finances.
    • Excel Balance Sheets. Excel can gather up your asset, debt, shareholder, and other information for you.
    • Excel Budgeting and Forecasting. Our team can help you set up this powerful application to give you important projections and suggestions about your financial future.
    • Excel Financial Modeling. When used properly, Excel’s financial modeling functions can help you try out various strategies and make educated decisions about managing your company’s money.


  • Microsoft Excel Programming and Consulting Services:

    • Excel Custom Formulas. There’s no need to feel restricted by Excel’s pre-built formulas or overwhelmed by the need to manually type in multiple functions when we can help you generate custom formulas for your company.
    • Excel Data Visualization Experts. The Get Excel Help team understands how to create attractive, sophisticated data visualizations so you, your colleagues, your managers, and your clients can truly see how your business is faring.
    • Excel Graphs & Charts. The few moments it takes in Excel to create explosive charts and graphs is amazing, Microsoft has made it so easy.


  • Microsoft Excel for Finance, Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions:

    • Excel for Finances for Small Business. Excel can assist enterprises of all sizes in directing their resources and growing their profits, but this program may be particularly valuable to small businesses who may not have an entire accounting staff.
    • Excel for Accounting. This software’s state-of-the-art spreadsheets, tables, formulas, and other tools to help you make vital financial decisions.
    • Excel for Bookkeeping. Excel can help you keep meticulous records of your transactions so you have all the data you and your clients need.





“In a nutshell, Microsoft Excel is how business gets done.”



We can help you today with your Microsoft Excel Help needs.  No matter what you need to have done in Excel, we can assist you with that.  Our Microsoft Excel MVP’s are the Microsoft Excel subject matter experts, and they take data visualization to new levels.  We can actually help you in all of the Microsoft applications, both programming and training, at the expert level.

If you’re interested in one of the above services, please do not hesitate to contact Get Excel Help today to learn more. Even if the exact solution you’ve been searching for isn’t in this relatively exhaustive list, our Microsoft maestros can help you – we often create customized Excel answers to our clients’ problems.







What we offer – Smarter Microsoft Solutions, a Better product. When you work with us, you get:

  1. Free Consultations.
  2. Fixed-Bid Quotes.
  3. Flat Rate for smaller needs.
  4. Work one-on-one with Excel Subject Matter Experts
  5. Work face-to-face with a Microsoft Excel MVP’s
  6. A Microsoft Certified Partner since 1994.
  7. Expert Data visualization experts.
  8. Same-Day work.
  9. Affordable low rates.
  10. Open for business daily, evenings, weekends and holidays included.


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